Who are we?

The Oslo Colour Festival is organized by IndoNord - The Association of Indo-Norwegian Diaspora in Norway. IndoNord derives its uniqueness and identity from the fact that it is the apex organization for promoting the economic, cultural, and social welfare of the Indian diaspora in Norway. We are eager to share and showcase the cultural gifts of India along with our friends in Norway. The contributions of our range of partners, who share our enthusiasm, play an important role in our efforts to spread our love, unity, diversity, and togetherness.

Origin of the Oslo Colour Festival

The Oslo Colour Festival is a celebration of diversity and cultural display, where colors are used with the intention of spreading the hues of life. The festival brings the rich culture of India, with the idea of unification, harmony, and celebration. The festival also presents fresh vibes and experiences to its attendees and takes them on a journey of rediscovery.

The festival is a fusion of various cultural elements, including people, cultures, food, art, music, ideas, and thoughts. Our inaugural event in 2022 attracted around 3,000 attendees and included stellar group performances by over 300 participants.

Oslo Color Festival 2023

Oslo Colour Festival aspires to become one of the landmark events in Oslo’s annual cultural calendar, celebrating life and diversity. On May 6th, 2023, we are expecting an attendance of over 4,000 people who will come and experience a variety of cultural performances, delicious cuisine, and the unique experience of playing with colors.

We will have over 500+ artists performing in various dance formats of Indian and global origin, a street food festival, dance and music, and celebrating diversity through the use of colors.

We look forward to seeing you on May 6th, 2023, at Vallhall Arena, Dronning Margretes Vei 11, 0663 Oslo to experience this unique celebration.