Q1. Who are we and what is color festival?

A. We are the Indian community in collaboration with the Embassy of India in Norway and are organising a festival “Colour Festival in Oslo” on 6th May 2023 at Vallhall Arena, Oslo. The event is being organised to exhibit the rich cultural & regional diversity of India, encouraging non-Indians to connect to India through the celebration of the festival of colours, and celebrating colour festival with the Indian community at a grand scale in Norway.

  • Color Celebration is a popular ancient Indian festival, also known as the festival of colours
  • Color Festival celebrates the arrival of the spring, the end of winter, and an invocation for a good harvest season
  • People smear coloured powders and drench each other with water-filled balloons or water guns 
  • Anyone and everyone is fair game! Friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders
  • Join us and experience the fun in Norway’s biggest colour festival 

Q2. Where can I get tickets from?

A. Tickets can be booked from here.

Q3. Is there a minimum age to participate and play Color Festival?

A. Minimum age to participate is 18 years, below 18 years need to be accompanied by adults.

Q4. Can I bring my own colour powder?

A. Colours will be provided by the organisers, and you are not allowed to bring your own colours.

Q5. Can I bring my own food?

A. You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks. Food can be purchased at nominal prices at the event. If you have special needs/allergy, contact organisers prior for approval at -

Q6. What are Color Festival entrance wristbands?

A. Color Festival entrance bands will be provided when you show up at the entrance and show your registration details which will be sent to you by email after you register.

Q7. Can I bring my own camera?

A. You can bring your own camera to take pictures of the event for your personal use.

Q8. Is it ok to create content of this event to use it commercially later like create Youtube videos or likewise?

A. No, you cannot take professional photos or pictures or publish it on social media /youtube but with prior approval from the organisers. Organisers reserve the right to take action against this.

Q9. Is the Food and Drink available onsite?

A. Yes, food and non- alcoholic drinks can be purchased on site. Alcoholic drinks are strictly not allowed on site. Look for allergy instructions on the food counters.

10. What is the refund policy?

A. Tickets once purchased cannot be refunded and are non- transferable.

11. Is the colour powder safe?

A. Yes, the powder is completely non-toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly. But if you have very sensitive skin/hair/airborne/respiratory related allergy/condition we recommend you avoid colours. Safety goggles/glasses can also be worn to protect the eyes, especially for people who wear contact lenses.

12. Can I buy tickets on the spot?

A. On spot entry is subjected to availability and cannot be guaranteed . We recommend to pre-register.
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